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Having first visited the Congo in 2003, Chris has since returned numerous times over the years to battle bad roads and bureaucracy, stay in bush camps and private lodges, work alongside elephant and primate researchers of WCS and WWF and plan a trip to look for dinosaurs. We have done all the hard work, so you don't have to.

Why we like the Congo?

Simply, because it is the Congo. No other country holds the promise of adventure and importantly delivers quite like it. The bais, clearings in the forest, are a great place to view western lowland gorillas and forest elephants. For more adventure, roll up your sleeves and track primates in the forest - you will be in awe, not only at the scale of jungle around you but also the unerring skill of the trackers.

What to expect on your Congo holiday

The Congo is unfenced and untamed - so too is its camps which can be a little unnerving on your first night. Distances are vast so journeys can be arduous and delays and breakdowns are an occupational hazard of travel to the Congo. So why go? The fun lies in getting there - flying over an endless horizon of green and driving along dirt roads into the depths of the forest - and entering a world where few, let alone tourists have set foot. In a world of increasingly contrived travel experiences, what better way to put the fun back into adventure!

Some ideas for a Congo holiday

    • Experience the Congo in style - fly to Odzala, search for gorillas and watch elephants in the Bai under a full moon whilst enjoying a delicious single malt around the fire.
    • Jump in a 4WD to head off into the wilds, get a feel for the country and its people before camping in the forest alongside primate researchers and thousands of sparkling fireflies.
    • Search for the Fresco of Africa, a painting at the entrance to Brazzavilles Poto-Poto market showing the history of Congo. The market itself is also great fun.
    • Head east to Conkouati-Douli - mandrills, chimps, gorillas, elephants - and as it is on the coast - Manatees in the marine park. No roads, no camps but stuffed full of wildlife, so we are working on it...

Beyond the Ordinary

Let us help you plan an expedition to look for the Mokele-Mbembe, Congo's very own Loch Ness monster!

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