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Nick, our chairman, first travelled to Nepal in 1975 (and no, he didn’t inhale) and then proceeded to return every year for 10 years. Paul lived full time in Nepal for a number of years and between them and the other specialists, Kate and Joe, we have trekked, river rafted, watched tigers, fished and trekked again.

Why we like Nepal

At just 124 miles wide, Nepal’s terrain changes from the lush jungles of the Indian plain to the soaring snow-capped heights of Everest at 8,848m. In between are low stone villages nestled in isolated valleys, rushing glacier fed rivers, and a charm personified in the people that you will nowhere else.

What to expect on your Nepal holiday

The Nepalese as a nation are fiercely loyal and will master any task until it is honed to perfection. Nowhere is this more obvious than when trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas. How it is possible to wake to the smell of freshly baked bread and have toast and marmite served at a table when you are miles from nowhere and overlooked by some of the most magnificent mountains in the world is nothing short of a miracle.

But a holiday to Nepal is not just about trekking. There is river rafting, elephant rides and the opportunity to spot the one horned Indian rhinoceros or possibly a tiger.

Some ideas for a Nepal holiday

  • Go trekking. It does not have to be arduous or at a high altitude and the pace does not have to be demanding.
  • Spend three days river rafting, camping out at night, supper by the light of flickering oil lights and a camp fire.
  • Wander the streets and squares of old Kathmandu where intricately carved temples have stood for 500 years.
  • Stay at Chitwan or Bardia National Park, venturing out each day on an elephant in search of wildlife.
  • View the Himalayas while sipping a sundowner at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Beyond the ordinary

A flight to Everest or discover the Himalayas by helicopter.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal ( Update: 27 April, 2015)

At least 3,326 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake which hit Nepal on Saturday 25th April. Measuring 7.8 in magnitude, it is reported to be the worst known earthquake there in 80 years.

If you would like to help contribute to the relief, our Ground Agents in Nepal have recommended that we donate though ShelterBox. Currently, they have a response team preparing to travel to Nepal and are already in talks with several aid agencies to see how best they can be of assistance.

Like many Asian countries, there are always different rules and etiquettes to follow when it comes to dress code. When visiting temples women must cover up bare shoulders and legs, and when out and about should dress conservatively. If entering a temple or Nepalese home, it is custom to remove your shoes before entering.
Transfers will vary between internal flights and for shorter distances, by car. Travelling by road is a great way to see the countryside and there are always opportunities to stop off en route to take in the stunning scenery.
Home to the mighty Himalayas, lush national parks and the birthplace of Buddhism, Nepal has no end of things to see and do. Get lost in Kathmandu’s charming alleyways and visit its famous Durbar Square where you will come across ash covered Saddhu’s (holy men). Out of the cities lies stunning mountain scenery and the world famous Everest, but for less daunting treks then the Annapurna Mountains are perfect - weaving through scenic villages and stunning landscapes.
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Holiday Ideas in Nepal

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