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Uzbekistan has the cream of the Central Asia architecture and with the Middle East in turmoil it has gained in popularity for those that revel in the allure of ancient sites.
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The ultimate Namibian adventure remains the Skeleton Coast flying safari. There is simply nothing like it. The passion and knowledge of the charismatic Schoeman brothers, who are you pilots and guides, is unsurpassed.
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Take a comfortable expeditionary cruise upstream during May when the flowering and fruiting of the trees coincides with high water levels. Explore the rainforest with daily landings.
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The Sacred Valley of the Senor de Torrechayoc comes alive with dancers and vibrant street performers at festival time, celebrating the advent of Spring with an abundance of beautiful flowers.
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The flowers in Bhutan are at their best. Hillsides are carpeted and the rhododendron forests are in full flower. For the keen gardener it is a delight.
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