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Greenland Holidays

  • Experience Greenland's majestic scenery and iceberg strewn waters, some of the world’s most spectacular landscapes
  • Search for Arctic wildlife including musk ox, narwhal, gyr falcon and walrus
  • One of the best locations in the North to see the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights
  • Learn about Inuit culture and traditions on the world’s largest island

We have been offering expeditionary cruises of Greenland for over 5 years. Our Greenland specialist, Sue has personally visited Greenland on many occasions and can use her detailed knowledge of the country to help plan the perfect trip for you. 

Sue has explored East Greenland by small expeditionary ship, spent extended time inside Scoresby Sund, the world’s largest fjord system, and was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on two evenings. Alternatively, Sue’s also is also knowledgeable on the western side of the island, having combined the Canadian Arctic with western Greenland, which included the immense Disko Bay, responsible for a vast annual output of icebergs, including the iceberg which purportedly sunk The Titanic.

Greenland, the world’s largest island and the least densely populated country in the world, is ice-locked and rarely visited for much of the year. As the pack ice breaks up, late summer offers a brief opportunity to access its dramatic mountain scenery and gigantic icebergs.

Whether travelling in search of solitude in its magnificent landscapes, chanced sightings of the local Arctic wildlife or to experience the ethereal flickering of the Northern Lights, this vast wilderness on top of the world is as spellbinding as it is diverse.

What clothing should I take to the Arctic?

It is always best to pack plenty of thin thermal layers rather than one thick layer. For voyages wellington boots, water proof over trousers & a waterproof jacket are essential. Most ships provide wellingtons & we will confirm the inclusions on your itinerary. Some ships also provide water proof outer gear of have this available to hire. You will also need to keep your hands, head, ears and feet warm. The Arctic tends to be quite monochrome so bright coloured clothing tend to stand out in photographs. Aside from clothing a high factor sun cream and sunglasses are considered essential as the glare of snow and water will magnify the effects, insect repellent recommended at some times of the year.

Do I have to be very fit?

Most trips to Greenland are quite active; cruises involving daily walking excursions across the arctic tundra; dog sledding or wildlife watching so to be able to get the most out of it you should be in good general health. 

What are the daylight hours for Greenland?

Owing to its location north of the Arctic Circle, Greenland experiences extreme contrasts in daylight hours between winter and summer. For two to three months in summer there is continuous daylight in Greenland, the so-called midnight sun. The winter darkness (three to four hours' daylight) lasts from about mid-November until the end of January. 

When is the best time to see the Northern Lights 

The Aurora Borealis or Northern lights are most frequently seen in the autumn and winter months, when the nights are longer and darker. 

What is Capital of Greenland?

The capital of Greenland is Nuuk, lying at 64°10' N, makes it the world's northernmost capital and has been occupied a settlement since 2200 BC 

Are there any quirks I should know about?

Kangerlussuaq is the main International airport but there are no roads to anywhere from here. You can only fly, they also have a church with no vicar, a medical Centre with no Dr (he flies in for two days a month) and a Norwegian Airbase that rarely has any aircraft. 

Why are the Musk Ox's called 'Thick-headed'?

During the rut Musk Ok males will fight for dominance, this often involves charging at each other from around 20 meters and banging their heads together, similar to a head on collision at 50 kmph! This will continue until the dominant male wins. Often during mating the bull casually kicks the cows foreleg to “calm her down and make her more receptive to his advances”. 

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