Formerly The Traveller, we are recognised as one of the UK's leading specialists in cultural, historical and archaeological small group holidays.
Our long association and friendship with the British Museum and other leading academic institutions means we have an enviable pool of expertise from which to choose our tour lecturers. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of small group tours and our pioneering reputation.

We carefully select our Experts based on their knowledge, companionship and personality. While travelling in the company of these experts quite often their influence can facilitate private access to sites not typically open to the public.

Our average group size is typically 8 – 10 people, smaller than the larger group tours typically offered - a factor which many of our clients appreciate. Travelling as part of a smaller group provides a more intimate, personalised and relaxed atmosphere.

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This incredible portfolio of expert led group tours sums up what we are all about.  There is expertise, insight and behind-the-scenes access.

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Sudan: Upper Nubia, The Edge of the Empire

Join our fascinating 12 day group tour to Sudan, led by Robert Morkot; a leading authority on the relationship between Pharaonic Egypt and Nubia. One not to miss. Departing 30 December 2014. 

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See Our Collection of Wildlife Group Tours

By joining forces with conservation agencies, researchers and local projects we are able to support conservation and local communities worldwide while delivering exceptional wildlife holidays.

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