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I am thrilled to be back at Steppes Travel, a company that I love for its ethos, for its expertise but especially for its team. I am particularly pleased to be starting whilst the Olympics are in mid-flow. Why? If ever there is a time to try to further inspire your team, a home Olympics is it.

The London 2012 Olympics have led to me dusting off dreams of Olympic immortality and which Olympic sport I could possibly compete in. My children scoffed at the idea so I turned, as I so often do, to travel for inspiration. Here is a list of ten sports from around the world that we are lobbying the IOC for inclusion in 2016.

Justin Wateridge
Managing Director


Wrestling in Mongolia

We’re already well practised at wrestling – the dog, the kids, the contents of the house into the car... and if you can find those pair of speedos at the back of the wardrobe you’ve got the kit sorted. Now to prepare for the event - travel to Mongolia in July and enjoy the spectacle of the Nadaam Festival.

Face Pulling Competition

Face Pulling in the Arctic

No equipment needed, a low level of fitness required and almost no rules. Simply put one arm around your opponent, hook a finger in their mouth and pull - just their finger in your mouth to worry about. May be better suited to the Winter Olympics due to its origins in the cooler climes of The Arctic.

Elephant Polo

Elephant Polo in Nepal

As a nation we took Silver in the equestrian team event, let’s think big and take our skills up a gear. Those with a pachyderm passion join a training session in the wonderful Chitwan National Park set against the backdrop of the Himalaya. Divot stomping may take a little longer than usual.

Pato, Argentina

Pato in Argentina

A bizarre amalgam of polo, basketball, and football played on horseback, our equestrian skills are sure to get us ahead of the game. Essential to train in Argentina – learn from the experts and you can recuperate after the rigours of the match by sampling the wines of Mendoza.


Mbube Mbube in South Africa

Mbube is the Zulu word for lion but don't panic, this is one for all the family to take part. The children’s game is a version of blind man’s bluff in which a ‘lion’ hunts an ‘impala’. With little training required they’ll be plenty of time to travel to the Kruger to see the real thing.

Haka Pei, Easter Island

Haka Pei in Easter Island

The perfect event for those with Gloucestershire cheese rolling experience, contestants slide down the island’s steepest mountain on banana tree trunk sleds. No cheese for the winner, just pride and the reward of the dramatic backdrop of the enigmatic Moai.

Omo ©Jeremy Hunter

Stick Fighting in Ethiopia

The tribes of Ethiopia are amongst the most fascinating peoples on the planet and in particular the Suri with their fierce culture of stick fighting. Not advisable for married men. Perhaps one not to make it to Rio 2016 when the health and safety team find out what’s involved.

Camel Racing, Oman

Camel Racing in Oman

With the beautiful Cheltenham racecourse around the corner there’s nothing like getting dressed up for a day at the races. Head to Oman to make use of the open, stark and dramatic deserts. Travelling at speeds of up to forty miles an hour this is a very different way of seeing Oman.

Octopush in Australia

Octopush in Australia

Underwater hockey Down Under, this is only for those with strong lung power - another one for Wiggins. A combination of hockey and water polo its already a popular sport across the world. We think the beautiful back drop of the Great Barrier Reef would make for the best training ground.

Penguins in Antarctica

Penguin Pick up in Antarctica

OK, so we know this isn’t a real sport but given the staggering size of the penguin colonies in South Georgia it has to be easy for us to excel. We’re not sure how the penguins would adjust to the dizzy sights and sounds of Rio, but we can work on the finer details later.

GB Flag

Good Luck Team GB!

We look forward to hearing your suggestions for future Olympic sports and hope to see you at Rob Caskie's talk in London on the 18th September. In the meantime good luck to Team GB.


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