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Heading Home from Iceland

19 Aug This morning we had a landing in the little village of Ittoqqortoormiit; it was strange to see other people after two weeks of just the people onboard! The village was very thought-provoking; it’s so incredibly remote and the people so self-sufficient. A boat comes twice a year to bring food for the community […]


Four days of “wow” in Zambia

My memories of Zambia are a haze of exhilaration and wow moments. As the first African country I visited, Zambia will always have a place in my heart. I’d never quite understood the term “culture shock” that is until I arrived in Zambia and was just the most overwhelmed I’ve ever been by the sheer […]


Reminiscing about Cambodia

Recently reading an article on Cambodia in January’s National Geographic magazine got me reminiscing about my trip there last year. The article highlights just what a horrifically sad past, and in many ways present, the country has. Nevertheless, my memories of Cambodia are quite the opposite. I found it to be an incredibly uplifting, light […]


Fastest one-legged rowers on the planet!

Fastest one-legged rowers on the planet! If you’re planning a holiday to Burma this year, then one of the best times to go is October, combining good weather and the chance to experience the annual Buddhist Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda festival on Inle Lake, one of the biggest festivals in the Shan State region. Phaung […]

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Exhibition | Scott’s Last Expedition

Tying in with this year’s centenary celebrations, from 20th January to 2nd September an exciting new exhibition is gracing London’s Natural History Museum. Entitled Scott’s Last Expedition, it includes a life-size replica of Scott’s Antarctic hut where he and his men lived for months, which will be a fantastic and poignant experience. History and science […]