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Albania Holidays – Confounding Expectations

Expectations had been low even before I set foot in the country. It wasn’t just me, many of my friends and family responded in exactly the same way, ”Albania?!”. ”Where even is that?’ I had to agree, whilst I could just about pin it on a world map in roughly in the right spot, its history rich […]


Iceland – A weekend away with Steppes Travel

Hard breath steams through our mouths as we step out onto the tarmac. Sheets of rain and sleet come down like shards of glass stabbing into our cheeks, our heads lower, our pace quickens as we head to the terminal building to escape the weather. Inside we instantly warm from both the blast of the […]


Experiencing the Australian Outback

The long roads continue from Adelaide into the outback in South Australia and we barely pass any cars. Short, twig like bushes cling to the ground and dead kangaroos line the roads…blimey this definitely feels like the outback. We slow down as a small flock of Emus run across the road –fantastic! Slowly the landscape […]


On the Songtsam Trail

The Songtsam Lodges and where to start? I could use bountiful amounts of superlatives to describe my experience there but wouldn’t that be cliché? How about I give the truth and honest facts? My experience about these truly fabulous, cosy sanctuaries blended in with local villages, off the beaten track and offering truly splendid scenery…oh […]


Missed the train

I love the adventure of using public transport when travelling, however this isn’t necessarily what I would recommend for Steppes Travel clients – please rest assured that a comfortable transfer with an English speaking driver and guide would be arranged to get you to your train on time! I’ve missed the train, I can’t believe […]


Now that is what you call a view!

There is only one thing you’ll be doing as you walk through the entrance to Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island off the south coast of Australia; your feet continue ahead of you, eyes wide and staring straight ahead out of the sweeping floor to ceiling windows onto the turquoise waters of the Southern Ocean. […]


Driving into the Flinders Ranges

It’s almost a job to know where to start, I’m one week into the most fabulous trip of Australia I could possibly imagine. This isn’t my first time to the country, in fact I was here 10 years ago travelling along the coast in a beat up old camper van eating peanut butter sandwiches and […]

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Indonesian Borneo Adventures

My guide meets me at the airport, I recognise him immediately as I walk through arrivals, my eyes being drawn to the sign he’s proudly holding up and waving in my general direction – his name is Deddy. This is a small airport, just one baggage carousel as long as three office desks pushed together. […]