Costa Rica – The perfect family destination

Packed with wildlife and adventure and one of the happiest nations in the world with charming people and 100% clean electricity. Costa Rica may be small but it packs a punch and although a magical destination for any traveller it really is a match made in heaven for families. In ten short days, I experienced […]

The benefits of booking with a tour operator

There are many benefits from booking with a tour operator – from the expertise of our team that gives you a better itinerary and saves you time to the expertise on the ground which gives you greater insight into the country to which you are travelling and that you know has been vetted by us […]

The Problems of Overcapacity

I recently attended an excellent adventure travel conference in which I and my fellow tour operators were asked for our thoughts on four key issues facing the industry: currency, terrorism, Trump and over capacity. We were asked to list them in order of the threat we felt they posed to our respective businesses. I was […]


Joe versus the Thames Path

From Saturday 20th May until Friday 26th May I will attempt to run the 184 mile Thames Path from the river’s source in Gloucestershire (around 5 miles from the Steppes Travel office) to the Thames Barrier in east London. I will be running the equivalent of seven marathons in seven days to raise money for […]

The Hunt is On – Indian Wild Dogs of Nagarhole National Park

“For a split second the jungle went completely quiet. The quiet before the storm. Then, with an electrical charge, a jolt of energy that could be felt, the quiet was broken. The herd of around 20 chital, or Indian spotted deer, suddenly broke cover and ran as fast as they could through the dry, crackling […]

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Steppes Big 5: Australian Swagging Experiences

Join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briain on BBC2’s Stargazing Live, to marvel at the star-studded southern skies of Australia. One of the most magical ways to experience Australia’s wilderness is to spend a night sleeping in the open, under a twinkling starry sky, in a luxury swag (a deluxe reinvention of a bushman’s bedroll!). […]

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Steppes Big 5: Latin America Carnivals

Carnival Season, Brazil

It is carnival season in Latin America and with the residents of Rio preparing to drum, mambo and shimmy their way through the streets of the city this coming weekend, we thought we would share our favourite carnivals with you. Joyful processions, music and masquerade are not just the reserve of Brazil… 1. Brazil Aside […]


Steppes Big 5: Film Locations in China

The Great Wall, released today, is the most expensive shoot set entirely in China. Directed by Zhang Yimou and starring Matt Damon, the story may not be historically accurate (there were no monsters attacking China), but it reveals stunning panoramas of the man-made marvel that is the Great Wall of China. The wall is made […]