Hanli Prinsloo

Hanli Prinsloo is the South African freediving champion and ocean conservationist who has lived her life in or near water. Hanli is joined by a team of top watermen and women and world-class photographers to capture and share our ‘Last Wilderness’.
With a competitive freediving background and a childhood spent with her horse whisperer father, Hanli has a keen sense of interacting with large creatures.

Her deep respect and love for her ocean friends has led her to dedicate her life to ocean conservation through human experience. Through her I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust Hanli takes those who do not culturally or financially have access to the sea to experience the world beneath the waves. Through ‘The Last Wilderness’ Hanli and the I AM WATER team get to share the great creatures of our oceans with those who cannot experience these majestic creatures first hand.