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Centenary Titanic Dive

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Why join this Voyage?

  • Descend 12,500 feet by MIR submersible for the rare opportunity to explore the world’s most famous ship wreck on the centenary year of her fated maiden voyage
  • During the dive, you’ll explore most of the significant areas of interest, focusing on the bow section, the most impressive section, as well as the vast boilers, propellers and surrounding debris field
  • A key part to this expedition will be the strong scientific content provided mainly by expert Russian scientists from The Shirshov Institute and the Russian Academy of Sciences who will  accompany the trip

Trip Summary
No shipwreck evokes more emotion and fires the imagination as The Titanic. One-sixth of a mile long (882 feet) and displacing 46,000 tons, Titanic was not only the largest moving object ever built, she was also the most opulent and impressive even by modern standards.

In the centenary year of her fated maiden voyage, we offer the rare opportunity to explore HMS Titanic by submersible as part of a scientific expedition. Join the ranks of just a privileged few and see with your own eyes The Titanic’s lookout, bridge, telemotor and other artefacts that all played a defining role in the greatest maritime disaster of its age.

Voyage Dates:
July 2 - July 15 2012
July 14 - July 27 2012

Estimated Voyage Cost:
Dive participant: £40,000
Observer / Non-diver: £6,500

Please note prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and fuel surcharges.

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