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Iran - The Achaemenian Heritage

Shiraz, iran

Group Tour Dates
28th September - 12th October 2014

Why Join this Iran Group Tour?

  • Join Middle East specialist Sylvie Franquet
  • Lotfallah Mosque in Esfahan
  • Persepolis, one of the wonders of the ancient world
  • Shiraz, the romantic city of poets, roses and beautiful gardens
  • The enchanting old city of Yazd

Tour Summary
Iran first gained prominence in the 6th century BC under the Achaemenid dynasty, creators of the Persian Empire, when art and architecture were encouraged to flourish. Further riches survive from the Sasanian Empire, plus splendid buildings from the Islamic period from 642 AD. From then, a near millennium of conquests by foreign powers, have resulted in a spectacular legacy of magnificent tower tombs, mosques, madrasas and shrines.

With the current  winds of change we hope that Iran will be on your wish list of places to visit, not least for the warmth of your welcome by it's people and the generousity of spirit of this ancient land. Contact Paul Craven for a detailed itinerary of this group journey, or visit our sister site The Traveller for further details.

Lois Pryce, an experienced adventurer and writer rode a motorbike on her own around Iran, and shot this fascinating film of her experience.

Tailor made option available – contact us for more details

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Iran - Mosaic Tile

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