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Brazil Holidays

Brazil’s incredible landscapes, rich history and extraordinary wildlife are as diverse as the country is vast. Stretching from the Amazon basin in the north to the colossal Iguaçu Falls in the south and with its 2,000 beaches inbetween, we will find you the perfect spot for your Brazil holiday. The Brazilians are innately relaxed which adds to the quintessentially Latin American vibe and with direct daily flights from the UK, you can be in buzzing Rio by nightfall with all of its iconic sights. The Brazilian real (BRL) has devalued recently and hotel rates are nearly 20% cheaper than they were 6 months ago, creating a great opportunity for your money to travel further in Brazil. 

What to expect on your Brazilian holiday

Brazil is the largest country in South America (it’s more than twice the size of India) and thus distances are huge and careful planning is needed when planning a holiday to Brazil. The Brazil of beach and carnival is also a Brazil of billionaires and with that has come a substantial rise in the cost of living so you need to know where to look to get value for money on your Brazilian travels.

There is more to Brazil than sun, sea and samba. It is home to the greatest rainforest in the world and the world’s largest tropical wetlands, the Pantanal. But more than the abundance of its natural wonders, it is the extraordinary diversity and richness of the people of Brazil that will strike you when on holiday in Brazil. With a strong African influence, music and colour stimulate the senses and lift the soul. A far cry from Britain on a wet winter day.

Some ideas for a holiday in Brazil

  • Spend a couple of days in Rio soaking up the atmosphere. If you are looking for more, what about the Rio carnival?
  • For the wildlife enthusiast, the wetlands of the Pantanal offer the best chances of seeing jaguar.
  • Spend a few days cruising up Rio Negro, a tributary of the Amazon, deep into the rainforest on a small, but very comfortable river boat.
  • Visit Salvador in the North, one of Brazil’s oldest cities where African culture dominates every niche of its colourful lifestyle.
  • Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Salvador on a Tuesday evening when live music takes place through the Pelourinho.
  • Experience the thunder and roar of Iguaçu Falls. Wider than Victoria, higher than Niagara and more beautiful than both.
  • The beautiful colonial architecture of Olinda and Ouro Preto
  • Relax in a private villa or hotel on one of Brazil’s many beautiful beaches.
  • Avoid the traffic jams in Rio and take a cycle tour along the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema.
  • Snorkel in crystal-clear waters in Bonito and marvel at the geographical features of the region including huge sinkholes and intricate caves.

Beyond the ordinary

Our Brazil Holidays Expert

We have been organising holidays to Brazil for over a decade now. James has travelled to Brazil numerous times, and covered all corners of this vast country. A highlight of James's was sailing down the length of the Amazon River and driving the entire length of the coast, but there is no question one of his most memorable trips was visiting the wildlife rich wetland area of the Pantanal.

Call our travel experts on 01285 885333 to start planning your Brazil holiday.

Travelling involves huge journeys, lots of internal flights and it is an expensive destination, but you will be rewarded with incredible beaches, wildlife, culture and fun.

It is always best to pack light and while casual dress has become more acceptable in recent years, Latin Americans tend to devote great care to their clothes and appearance. A laundry service is available at most if not all hotels.

Depending upon where you are travelling to in Brazil this will dictate what is best to wear. We find that a good fleece, waterproof jacket, layers and zip-off trousers tend to work well for most destinations. Walking sandals which do not slip are good for slippery pavements in the cities.

Brazil’s typical restaurants are churrascarias where meat is very much on the menu much like a barbeque. Seafood also features highly with the traditional Moquecas being served in Bahia. Typically the traditional drink is a Caipirinha but beer is drunk throughout the day as well as many delicious exotic fruit juices.

Rio does retain an image of being dangerous and crime is around but if you travel sensibly you should be absolutely fine. Whilst there is the reputation this is something concentrated in particular areas, around the favelas; things are moving forward with police taking control of favelas. Of course, we still suggest taking the normal precautions as you would in any big city and do ask your guide for advice.

A difficult question. The coast line of Brazil is huge with many stunning beaches. The time of year that you are travelling may dictate which areas will be best. Also which other parts of Brazil you will be exploring and the beach experience you are looking for such - remote hideaway, a luxurious resort or a thriving town.

Carnival is celebrated across the whole of Brazil so wherever you go, there will be festivities. Some cities and towns are particularly extravagant in their Carnival processions, costumes and events such as Salvador, Recife & Olinda.

Whilst in Rio the main processions now take place in the Sambadrome and entrance tickets are expensive, in other locations such as Recife & Olinda, everything takes places in the centre of the cities and so you can join in as much or as little as you want.

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