Leading Ladies

A tribute to female explorers, travellers and adventurers past and present

  • Leading Ladies – Q & A with Ashley Leiman

    Ashley Leiman founded the Orangutan Foundation UK in 1990. One of the leading figures in orangutan conservation, Ashley spends approx a third of her year in the field ( predominantly in Indonesian Borneo). She is also leading our Borneo Orangutan Conservation Tour. We asked Ashley to share her thoughts on who inspired her to do what […]

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  • Steppes Leading Ladies – Primates

    “We admit that we like apes, but we seldom realise that we are apes.” – Richard Dawkins Our fifth edition of Leading Ladies champions our pioneering primatologists. Women like Dian Fossey who dedicated her life to the conservation of Mountain Gorillas and brought this endangered species back from the brink. Women like Jane Goodall who […]

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  • Steppes Leading Ladies – Issue Four – Himalayas

    In the fourth of our monthly series of Leading Ladies we trek to the giddy heights of the Himalayas and honour women who have traversed these peaks. Women like Alexandra David-Neel whose pioneering determination led her to Lhasa and Edurne Pasaban who has scaled all 14 ‘eight-thousanders’ on earth* *mountains on Earth that are more than 8,000 […]

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  • Leading Ladies: One of our own – Q & A with Zara Fleming

    Zara Fleming is an independent art consultant, researcher and exhibition curator who has specialist knowledge of Buddhist art. She first visited Bhutan in 1976 and has been returning ever since. She has been responsible for the Tibetan and Nepalese collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum and Assistant Projects Director in Europe for the Orient Foundation. We asked […]

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  • Leading Ladies: One of our own – Q & A with Hanli Prinsloo

    Hanli is an 11 times South African Freediving Record Holder who has taught freediving to over 500 students. She is the founder of the I AM WATER Foundation, which focuses on ocean conservation through human experience. Hanli is also a film-maker, avid ocean adventurer and certified yoga instructor. The freediving instructors she leads have taught […]

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  • Steppes Leading Ladies: Issue Two

    In our second issue of Leading Ladies (our monthly series) we highlight the heroines of nature. The thing that connects all these women is their avid enthusiasm, determination and eagerness to explore and study the natural world and all they encounter within it. Prepare to be inspired. Ahead of her time Isabella Lucy Bird was a […]

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  • Steppes Leading Ladies: Issue One – Polar

    In celebration of International Women’s Day, we at Steppes Travel would like to pay tribute to the heroines of past and present. From polar extremes to the depths of the oceans, women explorers have been charting new territory all around the world. Their determination has paved the way for thousands to follow in their footsteps. […]

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  • Leading Ladies: One of our own – Q & A with Sue Flood

    Sue Flood was an Associate Producer on the award winning BBC series ‘The Blue Planet’ and is a photographer, author, wildlife filmmaker and conservationist. Her travel and photography highlights include diving with humpback whales in the South Pacific, face to face encounters with leopard seals in the Antarctic, filming of polar bears in the Arctic […]

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  • Steppes Leading Ladies: Issue Three

    In the third of our monthly series of Leading Ladies we dive in and highlight the heroines of the world’s oceans. Women like Sylvia Earle whose marine expeditions changed the way diving equipment is made and whose passion remains the oceans’ ecosystems. Women like champion freediver and ocean conservationist Hanli Prinsloo who is pictured above […]

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  • Leading Ladies: One of our own – Q & A with Katya Galitzine

    Katya Galitzine travelled to the former USSR in 1989 to learn Russian and study sculpture. St Petersburg became her home for 10 tumultuous years of political change. Katya is a descdendent of Catherine the Great and set up The Prince George Galitzine Memorial Library in 1994 in memory of her father. It is now the […]

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