Macaws in clay lick in the peruvian Amazonian jungle at Madre de Dios, Amazon, Peru

Amazon Holidays

Steppes Travel offers an exciting choice of Amazon cruises in Brazil, Ecuador in the Yasuni National Park and on the upper reaches of the Amazon in Peru. Sue, our Amazon specialist, travelled on board The Tucano on a memorable 8 day expeditionary Amazon voyage exploring the Rio Negro, one of the Amazon’s largest but least explored major tributaries.

We also offer a comprehensive choice of Amazon boats, from the comfortable to the very luxurious MV Aqua, Delfin and Anakonda, allowing you to explore with no compromise on comfort. Our resident experts have travelled aboard a number of these boats so can offer first hand advice.

  • Experience the world’s mightiest river, stretching over 6,000 kilometres and encompassing eight countries
  • Cruise deep into the Amazon rainforest to get a true sense of its sheer scale and unparalleled diversity
  • Home to over a third of all wildlife species on earth, The Amazon is well-suited to those with a strong naturalist interest
  • Good chance to see pink river dolphin, various species of primate, sloth and abundant birdlife
  • We offer authentic Amazon cruises travelling off the beaten track for a full examination of Amazon ecology

The mightiest river of all and an iconic ‘must see’ destination, The Amazon plays host to one of the world’s most impressive collections of fauna and flora. Lying on the equator The Amazon can be visited throughout the year, however the river’s annual fluctuations provide interesting seasonal variation when it rises by up to nine metres. Venturing off the beaten track, travelling by small boat offers the ideal platform for exploration of this watery wilderness, with daily guided excursions exploring the forest, different habitats, tributaries and local communities.

It is important for travellers to understand that Amazon cruises are less focused on the larger mammals, but rather on a full examination of Amazon ecology generally, focusing on the many environments within the Amazon and how animals, plants, insects and the local peoples fit into this framework.

Holiday Ideas in Amazon

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