Tour NameTour DateTour LeaderNo. of DaysTour TypeTour PriceView Tour
Oman Group Tour – Arabian Deserts and Mountains25-02-17Carl Phillips11Expert-Led£4,195View
Mozambique Group Tour – Freediving, Yoga and Dolphins with Hanli Prinsloo27-02-17Hanli Prinsloo10Wildlife£2,995View
Saudi Arabia group tour – Behind the Veil03-03-17Peter Harrigan12Expert-Led£4,595View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants04-03-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia07-03-17Diego Araya11Wildlife£3,995View
Galapagos Cruise with Steven Pinker and Rebecca Goldstein09-03-17Steven Pinker11Wildlife£7,750View
Sri Lanka Group Tour – Leopard and Whale Safari10-03-17Noel Rodrigo15Wildlife£4,745View
Mozambique Group Tour – Freediving, Yoga and Dolphins with Hanli Prinsloo20-03-17Hanli Prinsloo10Wildlife£2,995View
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan Group Tour – Fabled Silk Road Cities24-03-17Chris Aslan Alexander15Expert-Led£3,475View
India Group Tour – Durrell Wildlife Conservation02-04-17Lee Durrell13Wildlife£3,850View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants22-04-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Puma Tracking in Chilean Patagonia29-04-17Diego Araya11Wildlife£3,995View
Galapagos Photographic Cruise with Sue Flood29-04-17Sue Flood11Wildlife£4,895View
Nepal Group Tour – Mustang Valley29-04-17Nima Lama17Expert-Led£2,995View
Armenia and Georgia Group Tour – The Caucasian Silk Route04-05-17Ian Colvin13Expert-Led£1,695View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants06-05-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Iran Group tour – A Persian Journey19-05-17Carolyn Perry15Expert-Led£4,195View
Armenia Group Tour – Armenia In-Depth19-05-17Loretta Grove12Expert-Led£1,650View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour20-05-17Local Guide8Wildlife£3,795View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour27-05-17Local Guide8Wildlife£3,795View
Namibia – Big Cats, Desert Rhinos and Desert Elephants27-05-17Tammy Hoth-Hanssen15Wildlife£4,695View
Malaysian Borneo Group Tour – Maliau Basin Expedition02-06-17Robin Hanbury Tenison16Expert-Led£6,295View
Indonesian Borneo Group Tour – Orangutan Conservation03-06-17Ashley Leiman11Wildlife£2,995View
Albania Group Tour – Origins of Illyria09-06-17Carolyn Perry9Expert-Led£1,295View
Namibia – Cheetah Kingdom20-06-17Donna Hanssen13Wildlife£3,895View
Brazil Group tour – Paraty Literature Festival25-06-17Local Guide9Wildlife£2,595View
Rwanda & DRC Group Tour – Gorillas, Conservation and Communities08-07-17Thalia Liokatis11Wildlife£6,995View
South Africa – Rhino Conservation Project Group Tour22-07-17Peter Rogers9Wildlife£1,995View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants12-08-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Colombia group tour – Amazon, Andes and Archaeology18-08-17Juan Ortiz15Expert-Led£3,995View
India Group Tour – Photography Expedition to Ladakh with Jon Nicholson18-08-17Jon Nicholson14Expert-Led£7,295View
Iceland Group tour – Photography in the Land of Fire and Ice26-08-17Tim Mannakee9Expert-Led£5,245View
Kenya – Elephant Insight & Lake Turkana31-08-17Saba Douglas-Hamilton11Wildlife£12,995View
Uzbekistan group tour – Beyond the Oxus01-09-17Siddiq Wahid12Expert-Led£2,495View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour02-09-17Local Guide8Wildlife£3,795View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants02-09-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Canada – Great Bear Rainforest Cruise with Sue Flood03-09-17Sue Flood11Wildlife£5,195View
Georgia Group tour – Walking through the Caucasus07-09-17Peter Naysmth14Expert-Led£2,445View
Russia group tour – Russian Revolution a Centenary08-09-17Katya Galitzine7Expert-Led£2,595View
Armenia & Iran Group Tour – Sacred Churches and Mosques08-09-17William Taylor17Expert-Led£4,295View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour09-09-17Local Guide8Wildlife£3,795View
Madagascar Group Tour – Land of the Lemur09-09-17Local Guide15Wildlife£2,595View
India Group Tour – Journey through Kashmir15-09-17Zara Fleming13Expert-Led£3,995View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour16-09-17Local Guide8Wildlife£4,395View
Lemurs, Baobabs & Tsingy with New Scientist22-09-17Sue Flood15Wildlife£4,995View
USA – Summer Yellowstone Wildlife Tour23-09-17Local Guide8Wildlife£4,395View
Iraqi Kurdistan group tour – Land of the Kurds30-09-17Rebecca Bradshaw9Expert-Led£3,395View
Iran Group tour – A Persian Journey06-10-17Kamin Mohammadi15Expert-Led£4,195View
India Group Tour – Classic Rajasthan07-10-17Giles Tillotson13Expert-Led£5,795View
Baja California Group Tour – Freediving in the Sea of Cortez13-10-17Hanli Prinsloo9Expert-Led£4,595View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants14-10-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Ethiopia Group Tour – Christian Kingdoms15-10-17William Taylor13Expert-Led£3,995View
Mexico Group Tour – Day of the Dead Festival27-10-17Alfredo Hernandez14Expert-Led£5,395View
Myanmar Group Tour – Shan Kingdoms to Mandalay02-11-17Caroline Courtauld16Expert-Led£2,995View
India – Textiles and Artisans of Gujarat and Hyderabad04-11-17Rosemary Crill13Expert-Led£4,495View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants25-11-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Galapagos – Cruise with Richard Dawkins07-12-17Richard Dawkins11Wildlife£7,750View
Guyana – Travels into the Land of the Giants09-12-17Local Guide16Wildlife£3,735View
Galapagos – Cruise with Richard Dawkins14-12-17Richard Dawkins11Wildlife£7,750View
Baja California – The Great Greys22-01-18Art Taylor14Wildlife£4,445View
India Group Tour – Snow Leopard tracking in Ladakh02-02-18David Sonam13Wildlife£4,495View
India Train Charter – A Historical Train Journey in the company of Mihir Bose15-02-18Mihir Bose11Expert-Led£6,295View
New Scientist India Group Tour – Track Snow Leopards in Ladakh25-02-18David Sonam14Expert-Led£5,295View
Cruise the Galapagos Islands with Jonathan Green and New Scientist01-04-18Jonathan R. Green11Wildlife£5,775View
Iran – Luxury Train Charter with Michael Portillo07-04-18Michael Portillo15Expert-Led£10,999View
Spain Group Tour – Islamic Geometric art in Andalucia13-05-18Eric Broug8Expert-Led£3,795View
Indonesian Borneo Group Tour – Orangutan Conservation02-06-18Ashley Leiman11Wildlife£3,395View
Peru Group Tour – Pre-Inca Civilisations29-06-18Hugh Thomson14Expert-Led£0View
Spitsbergen – Arctic Expedition Cruise with Monty Halls07-07-18Monty Halls12Wildlife£5,595View
South Africa – Rhino Conservation Project Group Tour21-07-18Peter Rogers9Wildlife£1,995View
Canada Group Tour – British Columbia Grizzly Bear Photography07-09-18Sue Flood9Wildlife£8,995View
Canada Group Tour – The Ice Bears26-10-18Phil Timpany14Wildlife£7,945View

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