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During the weekend there will be a range of exhibitors & partners to showcase our favourites in travel, art, photography, paintings, sculpture, clothing, books and so on.

Most have a story woven in – from responsibly sourced Yak Wool clothing in Tibet, to a tiger journey with Steppes that inspired a collection of books or just a long partnership with us – there will be plenty to entertain and inspire.

Media Partner

“Since time immemorial, one species became extinct every century. Today, one becomes extinct every hour….we need your help today – tomorrow will be too late.” David Shepherd

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation will be hosting an art exhibition during Beyond. All profits from the exhibition will go to DSWF.

David Shepherd is known internationally as an artist and ambassador for wildlife. In 1960 he become a conservationist overnight when he came across 255 zebra lying dead around a poisoned waterhole in Tanzania. Since then, with the help of supporters across the world, the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has given away over £7.7 million in grants to save critically endangered mammals in their wild habitat and benefit the local people who share their environment. The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is an adaptable and flexible, non-bureaucratic organisation responding promptly to conservation threats by supporting trusted, reputable individuals and organisations operating in the field.

“Most famously known as one of Britain’s top wildlife sculptors”

Throughout the weekend, Hamish Mackie will be working on a live clay maquette and exhibiting a few of his sculptures.

Hamish has been sculpting as a career since 1996 and has works in public and private collections around the world. His sculptures are cast in bronze or silver as limited editions, each signed, dated and numbered. Hamish sculpts from life where possible; this helps him capture the essence of his subject.

In 2013 Hamish won a major public art commission for six life and a quarter size bronze horses for Berkeley Homes Goodman’s Field development in London.

He is now working up towards his ‘Life in Bronze’ solo show at the Mall Galleries, October 10 – 22nd 2016. This will include sculptures from his recent research trips to Australia, India and Africa.  Steppes Travel will be hosting on Thursday 20th October 2016, so please register your interest here should you wish to attend.

True North Logo

North Star Cruises conducts adventure-cruises around the Australian coastline and in the stunning waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

All cruises are activity based – extended periods at sea are specifically excluded and carefully crafted itineraries provide ultimate opportunity to experience the destination. Daily activities can include walks, fishing, snorkelling, diving, picnics, natural history, cultural events and more.

The TRUE NORTH is purpose built to access wilderness – bigger ships cannot go where we go! Multiple expedition vessels take guests away in small groups and most cruise options feature a ship’s helicopter. Guest numbers are limited to 36 and an Australian crew of 20 uniquely chaperones every experience.

Guests consistently respond with “that’s the best holiday I have ever had!”

Destinations include the Kimberley – a panorama of rugged mountains, spectacular gorges and majestic waterfalls; the intriguing islands of the Raja Ampat; the whale sharks of Cenderawasih Bay; the mighty Sepik River and, the rarely visited islands of the Bismarck.

Swarovski Optik brings people closer to the preciousness of the moment and shares with them the joy of observing and the fascination for the beautiful and hidden.

The world belongs to those who can see beauty. Experience the moment. See the unseen.

Binoculars: The world reveals a great deal, and yet most of it remains hidden. You think that you know a place, but it is full of secrets. The smallest details often tell the greatest stories. You just have to look in the right way. Because discovering is seeing. What matters now is having a good pair of binoculars. This trusty companion will help you overcome any limitations imposed by nature. Good binoculars open your eyes to hidden beauty, exciting moments, and moving experiences. Totally sharp and precise, in lifelike colors. Understated, with an elegant design, making you want to grab them wherever you are.

Spotting Scopes: Discover the beauty of nature with spotting scopes from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. They are characterized by high-precision optics, innovative design, and sophisticated functionality and they are also incredibly lightweight and robust. Carefully tailored accessories serve to enhance the potential of the device.

The news about tigers tends to be all about the threats they face from poaching and habitat destruction. But what if the tigers were in control…? That’s the premise of Richard’s Dikstra’s new Tigeropolis story for children.

The book was inspired when Richard accompanied fellow Steppes shareholder Julian Matthews on part of his three-month trip visiting every tiger reserve in India to gauge the status of tiger conservation. The trip was on behalf of Travel Operators for Tigers – TOFT – an organisation promoting best practice for lodges in India (Steppes Travel is a long-term supporter of TOFT).

The idea for Tigeropolis came not long after Richard’s first tiger sighting – “The first time I saw a tiger was a wonderful experience. I was also struck by how excited the humans were, and yet how totally relaxed and in control the tiger seemed to be.  It made me think ‘what if the tigers really did run the whole show?”

The importance of conservation is at the heart of this fun series about a family of vegetarian tigers living a quiet life, hidden away deep in the forests of ‘Tigeropolis’, a park in the foothills of the Himalayas. Book one – out now – finds them having to save the park from closure and destruction. But they have forgotten many of the old skills – roaring, hunting – and have to quickly relearn them. Their adventures continue in book two, out in October 2016.

Bradt Travel Guides is an independent guidebook publisher with a reputation for tackling unusual destinations, promoting ethical tourism and the high quality of its writing.

The books are intended to be as entertaining to read as they are useful reservoirs of travel information.

Bradt recently celebrated forty years of pioneering publishing and today has a list of over 200 titles including wildlife guides and travel narratives.

Save 20% on destinations or wildlife guides and travel books that you purchase with Bradt Guides at Beyond.

Hilary Bradt will be leading a tour with Steppes Travel in February 2017 to Chile. Contact us for more information.

Revolutionary high performance Yak wool technical clothing.

“Designed by and for outdoor adventurers”

Kora is an technical outdoor apparel brand whose roots are in the Himalayas and its people. It has developed unique fabrics from yak wool to create a range of ‘best-in-class’ products. Independent tests have shown that Kora’s Hima-Layer Original 230 fabric is 40% warmer than equivalent merino fabrics and yet more breathable weight-for-weight. It is luxuriously soft, light, durable, naturally odour resistant, and SPF40.

Kora exists to support positive change in the Himalayas, where habitats are fragile and livelihoods precarious. By building strong, lasting relationships with the people who supply its wool, Kora monitors its impact and maximizes the benefits that its business can bring. For the past five years it has worked with Kegawa Herders’ Cooperative, a group of 90 herder families. Kora guarantees to buy all their available wool at a premium over the market price, providing them with a reliable income. It is now looking for ways to create employment opportunities in the area.

“Hanli speaks with animation and passion about freedom, fear, risk and conscious living. Her visual material from the underwater realm combined with her vibrant storytelling captures the imagination and inspires audiences of all ages and walks of life”.

Hanli, aside from her talk on Saturday 17th at 4pm, will be hosting a photography exhibition of the stunning work of the underwater world by Peter Marshall.  All photographs can be purchased and all proceeds will go to the I AM WATER Foundation.

AfriCat UK  is a registered charity whose vision statement is “Conservation, Environmental Education, Research and Community Enhancement”.

They predominantly support and raise awareness of the AfriCat Foundation in Namibia  The AfriCat Foundation HQ is based at Okonjima a private, 2200km² nature reserve, 50 kilometres south of Otjiwarongo in central Namibia, and the AfriCat North base borders, western Etosha National Park.

The AfriCat Foundation was founded in the early 90’s with the aim reducing the number of large cats shot or trapped by farmers and helping to keep them running wild in Namibia for future generations.

Since its beginning AfriCat has grown significantly while remaining true to its original goal it has over the years identified the need to focus on child and adult education, research, land management and human-wildlife mitigation as being essential to accomplishing the mission of – the long-term conservation of Namibia’s large carnivores and the enhancement of the surrounding communities.

Sanctuary Retreats was born in Africa with the launch of their first luxury safari camp, Sanctuary Olonana, in Kenya, in 1999.

Sanctuary operate lodges in Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa. Building on this heritage of luxury adventure travel, they also manage six spectacular expedition cruise ships exploring epic rivers – the Yangzi in China, the Nile in Egypt and the Irrawaddy in Myanmar. A promise of adventure, enchantment and ‘Luxury, naturally’, delivered with a quiet, understated charm and understanding of place.

The Shackleton Company (Shackleton) is an international, accessories and experiences brand; inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton and his remarkable adventures.

With The Hon. Alexandra Shackleton as the brand ambassador and supporter, they are dedicated to ensuring his unique talents, achievements and legacy continue to inspire great endeavour all around the world.

Shackleton was driven by one simple and powerful conviction, taken from the words of poet Robert Browning – “I hold that a man should strive to the uttermost for his life’s set prize”. This informs everything the company makes and does.

Shackleton make garments of enduring character and timeless style. Everything is designed, cut, tailored and finished to the highest possible standards and all made in Britain. Giving you confidence that you have bought the very best and helping you greet the world, and your next adventure, with an expectation of success.

Settlers Stores’ range of high quality, hand finished ladies’ and gents’ tweed clothing, weaves British craft and African print to create a unique and unexpected blend of classic styles and contemporary details.

All made in the UK and designed by to be fit for purpose without compromising on style – it is clothing for a life well-travelled. Settlers work with small mills, weaving bespoke tweeds and the workshops can make to order to deliver your own customised piece.

Polar Latitudes was formed to embrace the best aspects of the early years of expedition cruising when adventure companies formed strong alliances with a select network of travel companies. They have taken this proven business approach and strengthened it by operating as a wholesale-only company with no direct marketing efforts. The focus is entirely on trust with partners, and their passengers, as they create and deliver world-class expedition experiences.

Hebridean Sky (formerly Sea Explorer and Corinthian II) is an all-suite ship accommodating up to 112 guests in 56 cabins, which has always been known for her elegance, service and atmosphere of charm and camaraderie. Polar Latitudes has added increased adventure options and an on-site Passenger Service Representative. Hebridean Sky offers its guests a perfect combination of  on-board luxury and adventurous exploration.

In the 2016/17 season Polar Latitudes offers expedition cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands and South Georgia, including 2 special trips to commemorate the Shackleton Centenary Season. In the following season 2017/18 Polar Latitudes will offer a trip to the Antarctic Circle.

Tierra Hotels is a family of boutique hotels from where the adventurous can explore all of Chile’s beauty. You will find inspired expeditions, authentic dining and lodges that exude relaxation and comfort in their very design.

Set in enchanting destinations, each with its own breath-taking view, Tierra’s three lodges await the discerning traveller. Moving your way from north to south, you will find Tierra Atacama in the starry desert of the altiplano. Tierra Chiloé among the austral waters of the Pacific Ocean and at the ends of the earth Tierra Patagonia.

Mountain Lodges of Peru is a family-owned, spirited adventure company providing guests with the service, comfort and safety to explore and experience the beauty, culture and history of the mountainous regions of Peru leading to the incomparable ruins of Machu Picchu.

The company specialises in unique lodge-to-lodge trekking and multi activity programs, hosting guests with top quality services operating in regions of Cusco and the Urubamba Valley of Peru. These experiences are designed to exceed expectations while offering cultural authenticity, access and remoteness in luxury and style.

Mountain Lodges of Peru currently operates with seven lodges, one hotel and another lodge opening in Patacancha in spring of 2016 and is committed to practising sustainable tourism and dedicated to the socioeconomic development of its communities.

Harriet Riddell, InStitch You is a textile performance artist.

Harriet travels the world with her sewing machine pitching up in challenging  locations from the slums of Nairobi to the tea fields of the Himalayas . Through free motion stitching she captures her surrounding environment and the people she meets . Her work has been exhibited in London, Bristol, Delhi, Nairobi, Toronto, Paris, Hong Kong and Denmark.

Harriet’s Grandmother is also a textile artist, she inspired Harriet with her work at a young age. It was she who taught Harriet the free-style stitching technique Harriet uses today.

Casino Hotel is where it all started for CGH Earth. This is where the ideas developed that sustain to this day. From this modest beginning in 1954, the group today spans 19 properties and offers a rich, diverse mix of experiences, all rooted in the basic values of  respect for community, culture and environment.

Each CGH Earth property is created to offer an earth experience of a different kind so that guests leave refreshed and enriched. From tropical Periyar, the gleaming backwaters and lush jungle stays to secluded beaches, eco-friendly houseboats, and the heritage of Fort Cochin, it’s all here. Each crafted keeping sustainable tourism, natural beauty and respect for the surroundings in mind.

From the beginning, one of CGH Earth major initiatives has been towards preserving the local biodiversity of  both flora and fauna at their properties and the surrounding areas.

Aiming at the source, they have started many programmes to help educate the local tribes, because it is they who tend the land and have the greatest impact on it. CGH Earth introduced organic farming, created viable plantations and set up market mechanisms, such as purchasing our produce from the local community. Thanks to these and other mutually beneficial arrangements, incidents of encroachment, poaching and illegal logging have declined in Periyar. The efforts at planting mangroves at Kumarakom have also been a source of satisfaction, preventing the degradation of this vast wetland with its thousands of indigenous species.

“We believe that art is an expression of the community and that the community will be nourished and enriched by the existence of an active, expressive and creative art community. “

The COMO Metropolitan London is a cool, contemporary hotel that benefits from being a five-minute cab ride from some of the city’s most glamorous shopping neighbourhoods, including Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

All suites overlook Hyde Park, the green heart of London. Fresh palettes of natural hues and textures – including the use of American walnut, sycamore, pale and dark timbers in all 144 rooms – have been introduced in a top-to-toe redesign of the hotel completed by Linzi Coppick of Forme UK, London. Much of the interior design was influenced by the natural beauty found in the flora of Hyde Park, with shades of green and berry. The Japanese-Peruvian restaurant, Nobu, buzzes at lunch and dinner with devotees of its flamboyant cuisine. The Met Bar – a cult classic among the music, media and fashion crowd – is a sultry lounge bar with live DJs and memorable Martinis. For a quieter moment, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape offers a full range of holistic therapies, yoga and a private gym.

**COMO Metropolitan Hotel has partnered with Steppes Travel for the Beyond Festival to offer a special rate of £195 per room excluding VAT and breakfast.  Should you wish to book this offer for any of the nights 16th to 18th September please visit this link. If promoted for a code, please use GRPSTPTA.**

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